Frontline Playbook (Chapter 3): Making the Most of Portfolios

“My Portfolio” is your home base for Frontline. Here are tips for managing your prospects and ensure you’re moving them through proposal stages, quickly and efficiently.

We’ll cover best practices here, but we also can walk you through the different functions of Portfolios here.

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Keep Your Prospects Moving

With My Portfolio, it’s easy to see how long each prospect has remained in their current stage. You can even use the map in EverTrue to see where your prospect live and sort by stage.

This helps you plan outreach. If you have a series of prospects who have lingered too long in one stage, it’s easy to prioritize contact with them or to make sure you include them in your next trip. Add them to an EverTrue list and remove them as you complete your follow-up.

Make Portfolio Review Sessions a Habit

Managers can easily see each of their team members’ portfolios. This makes regular review sessions a snap! At your weekly or monthly one-on-one meetings, dig into each officer’s portfolio in EverTrue and track outreach methods, time in stage, and upcoming visits.

Logging and Searching Interactions

Record your conversations, emails, phone calls, and meetings quickly in EverTrue to stay up-to-date on contact reports.

With EverTrue interactions, you can either type new entries from desktop or mobile or quickly dictate a note after a meeting from your smartphone. It’s seamless contact report entry no matter where you are!

Every contact report gets added to EverTrue’s keyword search. Now anytime you want to see prospects who have mentioned “scholarships,” “science,” or a beloved professor, you can enter those search terms in EverTrue to quickly access that information. This Google-like searchability puts your best prospects at your fingertips.

PS - Your team can work with EverTrue Support ( to export all interactions back to your database of record, too.

Use EverTrue Comments for Quick Communication

EverTrue lets you add notes to profiles, tag your co-workers for follow-up or find answers to questions, and include collaborators on trips and lists.

Take advantage of these features to improve teamwork and efficiency and keep everyone on the same page, whether you’re in the office or on the road.

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