Frontline Management Playbook: My Team

You used to have to pull complicated reports (or guess) when you wanted to know about individual gift officer performance. No more!

My Team allows you to track your team’s interactions, meetings, proposal stages, and more. The reports are easy to use and give you insights you need to better manage your team.

Set Goals, Track Outreach

You can easily set monthly, quarterly, and annual goals in terms of visits, interactions, proposals, and dollars raise, then track progress against these key metrics using My Team.

With insight into each gift officer’s portfolio and overall activity, you’ll be able to coach up anyone who’s fallen behind goal while celebrating the success of your more active and effective fundraisers.

My Trips Meetings
Easily track the number of visits your team is making. You can view visits by year, compare to last year, and export reports for additional tracking.

Interactions by Type
See how your team is connecting with constituents in their portfolio by digging into meeting, phone call, and email information.

Prospect Distribution
Quickly review each gift officer’s portfolio by proposal stage. This helps set the tone for regular meetings (does the officer have too many constituents in the researching or cultivation stages and not enough in active solicitation?) and informs potential pipeline for the next several quarters.

Proposals by Value, Stage
Do your team’s outstanding proposal value sync with your targets for the current year or campaign? Regular proposal view from a high level helps you better understand where you are in relation to your departmental goals.

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