Frontline Playbook (Chapter 1): Checklist

We’re A Road Warrior’s BFF

People don’t become gift officers because they enjoy planning trips with spreadsheets, sifting through dozens of database screens to access prospect information, and filing away copies of contact reports in triplicate.

NO! Development officers are fundraisers because they love building relationships and are passionate about the causes they support. We’re here to help streamline your work so you can find new prospects, have more productive conversations, and swiftly move donors through proposal stages.

We’ll help you do what you love to do.

This guide is packed with best practices to managing your portfolio, planning trips, discovering new prospects, and working efficiently from the office or the road. Check it out!

A Perfect 10

Complete this checklist to get the most out of your EverTrue partnership.

  1. Designate an “owner” who is responsible for ongoing oversight of your EverTrue partnership.
  2. Build saved searches that feed important wealth and engagement insights automatically to gift officers and researchers using EverTrue.
  3. Make Facebook engagement information, Zillow, and U.S. Census wealth indicators part of your regular prospecting workflow.
  4. Stop using Excel to track lists of donors and non-donors. Just stop! Create and collaborate on lists in EverTrue using information in real-time.
  5. Incorporate “My Team” and “My Portfolio” reviews into regular one-on-one’s, team strategy sessions, and weekly workflows for your team.
  6. Shift travel planning to EverTrue by adding your My Trips schedule from EverTrue to your calendar and including collaborators to meetings to plan efficiently.
  7. Ensure every gift officer is using EverTrue’s mobile apps so they’re ready for the road. We dare your team to travel in a paperless world!
  8. Write interactions (contact reports) in EverTrue. Anyone can do this on the desktop platform, but it’s also great to dictate notes using Siri immediately after a meeting.
  9. Partner with your communications team to create and share content that proactively builds prospect pipeline.
  10. Share success stories with your Customer Success Manager. We love to hear about the great work you’re doing!
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