Frontline Playbook (Chapter 2): Let's Build Some Saved Searches!

Start out by building saved searches. These are dynamic searches that run constantly, delivering daily alerts and updates from your donors. Instead of waiting for weeks-old printouts, get the information you need, almost in real-time.

Saved Searches help the team stay on top of relevant information, collaborate with each other, and get the most out of your EverTrue partnership. Each user can build saved searches for their own use or to share with teammates for full visibility into fundraising efforts.

Plan Trips Quickly and Meet Better Prospects

  • Keep tabs on your portfolio by building saved searches looking for constituents who are assigned to you who have engaged on Facebook, made a gift during the current fiscal year, or registered for an event (if you’re passing that data to EverTrue). You can receive daily or weekly alerts of all the activity from your assignments.
  • Create searches of unassigned donors in your regions. You’ll receive alerts anytime someone gives above your defined threshold, and you’ll be able to quickly review their profile for capacity.
  • Find filler visits using the EverTrue map feature. We’ll show you a map of exactly where your alumni are and will even categorize their likelihood of making a gift with the EverTrue Score (blue=best). Drill down even more using your own capacity scores, giving history, and more.
  • Use capacity indicators like “Lives in a Wealthy Neighborhood?” filters in the cities you visit most often to find new prospects.
  • Use keyword searches and the Facebook Content Engagement filter to build pipeline for campaigns. For example, if you’re looking to build a new science center, you can search historic contact reports or Facebook posts for anyone who’s mentioned or engaged with words like “science,” “STEM,” or “technology.”
  • Bonus tip: Before every meeting, use EverTrue on your phone to get the most updated information on giving history, Facebook engagement, review past interactions, and more. You can even tap to call your donor when you arrive!

Track Identified Prospects on a List 

As you identify new, qualified prospects in EverTrue, add them to a shared list. This will help you keep track of how many new people you're adding to gift officer portfolios and quickly see giving information for each prospect.

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