FAQ: General Volunteer Questions

What's the difference between EverTrue and Volunteer by EverTrue?

When you are searching for our Volunteer Platform on the web or in the app store, you might search for EverTrue and learn that we actually have two separate platforms. When you find yourself on the Volunteer by EverTrue platform, you are in the right place, but here's a breakdown of both sites for you.

EverTrue Platform 

Our EverTrue platform is our primary software for Advancement professionals. We connect institutional advancement data with insights across the web to create a living record for each constituent in the EverTrue platform. This platform, which is also an app, is full of intelligent insights to provide additional background on every constituent. This platform is used by volunteer admin and other staff members within an Advancement shop.


Volunteer by EverTrue


Can I select my own prospects?

If your institution allows you to select your own prospects for assignment, you will see a tab to the right of Assignments titled Prospects. This tab will list all of the available prospects in the pool with information on whether or not a prospect is already assigned to a volunteer. 

Click on any prospect card to see their location, career, and education information. If you think the prospect would be a good fit for you, scroll down to the bottom of their profile. If the prospect is already assigned, the profile will display the volunteer's name. If the prospect is up for grabs, you'll see a button that says Assign Prospect to Me. Click the button to add the prospect to your assignments list.

Can I remove a prospect from my list?

If your institution allows you to self-assign prospects, you'll be able to both add and remove prospects from your list. To remove a prospect from your list, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the prospect to view their profile.
  2. Under the Info tab, scroll to the bottom where it says Assigned to. You should see your name and red text that reads Manage Assignment.
  3. Click Manage Assignment. If you wish to proceed with the removal, click Remove Assignment.

The prospect will now be listed as Unassigned under the Prospects tab and will be available for another volunteer to claim.

Can I edit a prospect's contact method?

Within a prospect's profile, you can change the email address, phone number, or social platform you used to contact the prospect. You can also suggest a contact update to change the information within the platform for that specific prospect. 

To change the email, phone number, or social platform used when contacting the prospect:

  1. Start by navigating to the Activity tab of your prospect's profile.
  2. Click Add Note/Log Activity in the upper right corner.
  3. Using the Activity Type dropdown, you'll be able to change the existing value and type in the new email address, phone number, or social platform.


What are the differences between Assignments & Prospects?


Assignments refers to the constituents within your pool that have been assigned to you specifically. That's why you'll see two tabs, the left one is titled Assignments and the right one is titled Prospects. The constituents that have already been assigned to you are considered your assignments. 


Prospects are the constituents that have been selected for this particular pool because they qualify as a potential candidate for the particular initiative that you are volunteering for. Sometimes prospects have been assigned to a Volunteer, and other times, they have not, and you can assign them to yourself. 

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