Adding Constituent Relationships

We know that you have extensive data on family members, friends, and other relationship types in your database. Below, we will review how to import new relationships, and where to find relationships in the EverTrue platform once imported.

Follow the steps below to import new relationship data into EverTrue. You may include as many relationships as you need. If you encounter questions when importing new relationship sets, please contact our support team at

Step 1. Add Relationship Fields to Your Constituent File Import

Review the Relationships Field Group in the Constituent File Guide, and add the 3 fields and corresponding data from this group to your import file. 

Step 2. Import Your File

After adding the relationship data, import your new file and review the data in EverTrue.

Locating Relationships in a Constituent Profile

Once imported, you can easily view constituent relationships in EverTrue! Below, we'll take a look at how to locate them in constituent profiles.

Step 1. Open a Profile's Constituent Info Tab

To view a constituent's relationships, start by navigating to their profile's Constituent Info tab. 

Step 2. Scroll to the Tab's Relationships Section

At the bottom of this tab, you'll find a Relationships section that contains the constituent's imported family members, friends, acquaintances, etc. 

The level of detail provided for each listed relationship depends on the relationship data included in your organization's import file. If all relationship fields contain data, you will see the relationship's name, type (e.g. Sibling, Friend, etc.), and Family Member ID. Hyperlinks are created when a constituent's Family Member ID matches the Remote ID of another constituent in EverTrue. Clicking on these linked relationships will take you to the respective constituent profiles.

Step 3. Review All Relationships  

If a constituent has more than 3 imported relationships, you'll see an option to View All Relationships in the section's right-hand corner. Click this to access a comprehensive, scrollable list of their relationships.

For any other questions reach out to EverTrue Support at

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