Troubleshooting SFTP Imports

Taking General Troubleshooting Steps

If your institution sends files to EverTrue via SFTP and you encountered a hiccup, please review the following items to get your automated data imports back up and running.

  • Check to see if you have an unprocessed file pending in Console by going to Console > Import. If you see one, take the following actions:
    • Look to see if the headers in your file changed. If the headers are different, they will result in unrecognized mapping IDs that will turn off auto-processing in Console. Mapping IDs are EverTrue's way of remembering your previously mapped fields for future imports and are unique to a particular file format, e.g. field headers and ordering.
    • Reach out to your Customer Success Manager or EverTrue Support at to make sure automated imports have been enabled.
  • Double-check the process you use to send your institution's data file is still creating and sending new files to EverTrue.
    • Is the process of creating a new CSV file export from your CSM still functioning?
    • Is the process of delivering that new CSV file export from your CSM to EverTrue via SFTP still functioning?

Receiving an SFTP Uploader Alert

If your organization has implemented SFTP and you are set up to receive Data Import notifications, you will receive an email notification for every import that completes. On occasion, you will also see emails titled "SFTP Uploader Alert," which means that your import has been interrupted. This interruption is usually caused by a change in your file's column headers, meaning that EverTrue was unable to map and automatically process your file for import. If you receive this message, please take the following steps:

  • Log in to Console, select your latest import (with a status of "Continue Import"), confirm your mappings, and finally process the import.
  • Notify EverTrue Support at upon completing these steps so we can re-enable the automatic ingestion of your files.

For any other questions reach out to the EverTrue Support at

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