Adding Prospect Amounts

Adding Suggested Ask Amounts to Prospects

Every prospect within a pool can have a unique ask amount that displays to the assigned volunteer when viewing their prospect list. Here at EverTrue, suggested ask amounts live at the pool level, which means that a prospect can have different ask amounts in different pools. Ask amounts can be manually entered (or adjusted) in EverTrue's Volunteer module or imported using our volunteer file when getting your prospects in place.

If you're looking to import ask amounts with your prospect assignments and pools, please reference our Volunteer file guide. Importing ask amounts is great if you already have ask amounts stored in your database. However, if your institution stores ask amounts on the constituent level, a single ask amount exists for a constituent, and/or you've already manually created your volunteer pools with prospect/volunteer relationships in EverTrue, please contact for further assistance in getting your suggested ask amounts into the volunteer platform. If you want to import ask amounts after you've created volunteer/prospect assignments, we'll want to walk with you through this process.  

If you'd like to manually input or adjust ask amounts, go to the pool and prospect you're looking for and use the three dots to the right of their name to "Edit ask Amount."

Adding Prospect Committed Amounts

Volunteer committed amounts allow your volunteers to track financial commitments made by their prospects. Committed amounts show in the form of a dollar value. If you would like to have this feature enabled, please reach out to and we can enable it for you. Once enabled, you will have a way to see the committed amount on each prospect.

Your volunteers can update the Committed Amount of their prospects by going to the Giving section of the prospect, while logged into the Volunteer platform. In the Giving section, they will see The Committed Amount value will show next to the Suggested Ask Amount under the Giving tab. There will be the option to "Update Amount" as well.

Clicking "Update Amount" will bring up a window where your Volunteer can enter the committed dollar amount. Please note, this value can be edited in the case a Volunteer enters an incorrect value.

Once saved, the committed amount will update in the admin view of the pool, so you can be assured that you're always seeing the most up-to-date committed amounts!

As an admin, you can edit a committed amount. To do this, click on the ellipses (...) icon at the top right side of the prospect record. When you click this icon, the second option of "Edit Committed Amount" will allow you to change the dollar value.


You may establish historical "committed amounts" for your volunteers by importing values ahead of time. If you are importing committed amounts, your volunteers will still be able to edit the amount in the Volunteer platform, and you will still have the option to manually update committed amounts using the admin instructions above. 

You can export the committed amounts entered by your volunteers by going to the EverTrue platform > Settings > Export Data and running a Volunteer Assignments export. In the export format, there will be an additional column for Committed Amount. 

Reach out to to implement this feature.

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