Utilizing your Volunteers View

Within the Volunteer module in EverTrue, we have created a "Volunteer" view centered around volunteers and any bulk actions you might want to take - like sending invitations to join the platform. You can switch to the Volunteers view near the top left (above the Search by Pool Name textbox) of your screen.

In the Volunteer tab, you will see all of your Volunteers in alphabetical order (last name), regardless of the pool. If you want to look at Volunteers by a specific pool, use the drop-down "All Pools" menu just below the Actions button. You can quickly search by pool name and select any combination of pools. 

Use the search bar just under the Volunteer tab to search the entire set of volunteers by name. 

Select specific volunteers by using the checkbox to the left of their name or select all by using the checkbox near the top left. 

Click the mail icon to bulk send out invitations to Volunteers who haven't yet accepted their invitation or been invited.* 

*Please note, the mail icon will appear below the Volunteer tab only after you have selected at least 1 volunteer. Additionally, if you select all and bulk send invitations, the Volunteers who have already created an account will not receive an invitation. Bulk invite to the platform can only be performed for Volunteers who have not been issued an invitation yet - those who have received an invitation can not be bulk invited and must be issued a new copy of the invitation on a per volunteer basis.

From this view, you can also add Volunteers to a list or another pool. Select the volunteers you wish to add, click the "Add To..." button, and then choose "Your Lists" or "Your Pools" to find the location you are looking for.

Click on the List or Pool to add all of your selected Volunteers!

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