Using Volunteer Stages

Volunteer stages are an easy way for you to keep track of your prospects and your progress in Volunteer by EverTrue! Stages are set by your institution and can be found in the prospect profile in Volunteer, at the top right of the record. To set the prospect's stage, simply click the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of their profile, select the stage, and you're done!

Please note: if you are a volunteer in multiple pools, you may notice that Stages can differ from pool to pool. Stage Sets can vary and depend on the objectives of each particular pool.*

You also have the ability to sort your Prospects by the stage that you've set. Maybe you want to find all of the prospects you left a voicemail and send them a follow-up email. Simply click the filter button at the top of the prospect list, find the stage you want to view and click Apply Filters - all of your prospects currently in that stage will appear.

Some institutions will allow you to select your own assignments from the prospect list - if your pool allows for this, you can view unassigned prospects, which stage they are in, and filter by stage.

Setting Prospect Stage

If your institution has enabled Volunteer Stages, you can also set the stage for your selected prospect at the top of the +Add Note/Log Activity entry form. Click the Stage dropdown and choose from your institutions stage set.

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