Viewing Your Assignments

 On the home screen of Volunteer for desktop, you'll see a list of your assigned prospects with the information you need to reach out effectively. 

On the far left side, you'll see every pool for which you are a volunteer. Select a pool to see a list of your assigned prospects in that pool. You can click on a prospect card to view more information about them.

If your prospect has a star-person on their contact card, that means they're a key relationship for you! This prospect may be someone you should focus your outreach on. Reach out to your institution if you would like more information about why this prospect is a key person for you. 

If your institution has enabled the ability for users to self-assign prospects, you will see a Prospects tab next to the Assignments tab. We have an FAQ entry about selecting your own prospects if you so desire. 

Can't view your assignments?

Don't panic! Often times, this is a result of your institution deleting the Volunteer constituent record, then using a recreated version to make assignments. If this happens to you, connect with EverTrue's Support Team at so that we can connect the two records for you.

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