Using Automated Data Sync with Raiser's Edge NXT

What is the Automated Data Sync?

EverTrue's new automated Data Sync is an API-driven data connection for accounts using Raiser's Edge NXT that allows data from this platform to automatically send to EverTrue on a daily basis. We all know the value in having up-to-date constituent information. This sync ensures your data is kept fresh and saves your most prized asset - your time!

There is so much more to love about the Data Sync! 

  • This connection lets us do the work for you. You’ll be up and running in a matter of days with EverTrue’s Data Sync. After a short consultation, you’ll connect to EverTrue via a secure API key. We’ll pull in the data we need, transform it to our data model, and your EverTrue platform will be live in no time. And since we’ll update information nightly via automatic data pulls, you never have to remember to update the EverTrue platform.
  • Once your data is in EverTrue, we make the magic happen to ensure you will be using always-fresh constituent insight. We will enrich your data with TrueView insights, which include career information and social media profiles. We will also connect your constituents to their Facebook profiles, giving you insight into their engagement with your Facebook pages. You can leverage additional insights with Career MovesWindfallThankView, Eventbrite, and more.
  • EverTrue keeps you on top of current donors and identifies great new prospects, allowing you to find your best constituents. Use Saved Searches to combine your data with EverTrue’s continually refreshed insights and receive notifications when your alumni and prospects change jobs, engage, and give.
  • The Data Sync eliminates SFTP file transfers and scheduled exports from your CRM. To bring data that EverTrue gathers on your constituents back to your CRM, you can set up automatic, daily exports of proposal information, contact reports or interactions, and stage moves. Pairing these exports back to the Data Sync keep both EverTrue and your database up-to-date.

Take a look at our Data Sync video and announcement to learn more, and read below to learn how to enable this new automation.

Reviewing the Data Sync Process

The process of setting up the Data Sync will involve both support from your Implementation Partner as well as steps taken independently. We will review each step to ensure you can successfully enable this connection! 

Completing a Consultation Call

To kick-off your connection, you will have a consultation call with our Implementation Team. During this call, we will review the Data Sync process using a screen share to walk through some of the steps your will be taking. We will also answer any questions you have regarding the Data Sync that might arise during our review. 

Submitting the Data Sync Worksheet

Next, you will need to fill our the Data Sync worksheet provided by your Implementation Partner. Your responses will provide us with all of the information necessary to set up the Data Sync on EverTrue's back end. 

The worksheet will cover questions about constituent, interaction, proposal and gift transaction data. We will ask if categorized giving should be included, so be sure to take a look at our categorized giving help article if you need more insight into this type of giving!

Connecting the EverTrue Data Sync App in Blackbaud Marketplace

Connecting your EverTrue Data Sync App in the Blackbaud Marketplace is essential to ensuring your Data Sync is properly enabled. To start this process, head back to Raiser's Edge NXT, open the three-bar menu icon in the upper-left corner, and click Marketplace.

Open the Manage tab found at the top of the Marketplace and click Connect app.

A Connect application? popup will appear into which you will need to enter EverTrue's Application ID of 83ce8072-0aea-4f99-b110-bed736f633c0. After entering the ID, click the Connect button at the bottom of the popup. 

Upon connection, a message of "EverTrue Data Sync is now connected" will appear. Select Close to exit the connection process, as you've successfully finished this Data Sync step!

Connecting Raiser's Edge NXT to EverTrue

To finish enabling Data Sync, you will need to connected Raiser's Edge NXT to EverTrue. You will need to open your EverTrue Data Manager and click Integrations in the Settings section of the left-hand navigation bar to start this connection. 

Open the CRM tab at the top of your Integrations page and click Connect within the Raiser's Edge NXT box.

If prompted, enter your Raiser's Edge NXT login credentials and click the Authorize button.

This action will redirect you to EverTrue Data Manager, and the status of your Raiser's Edge NXT integration will now show as Active

Once your Raiser's Edge NXT integration is active, you will work with your Implementation Partner to review your data. Together, you will finish enabling the Data Sync!

For any other questions reach out to EverTrue Support at

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