Configuring Gift Transaction Data from Raiser's Edge NXT

Please keep the following insights in mind when configuring gift transaction data using Raiser's Edge NXT:

  • To ensure there is no duplication of gift IDs (e.g., in the case of soft credit in which a single gift is applied to multiple records), unique gift IDs are created using the following formula: system ID of gift-system ID of record being credited-fund ID(s)-total amount of gift without decimals.
  • Soft credits are shown for soft credit recipients, and the TransactionType field indicates if a gift was hard or soft credited.
  • If a constituent was soft credited for a matching gift and the platform config allows gifts of the relevant type to be included, then this will be included in a constituent's gift transactions.
  • Each split is listed in gift transactions as an individual gift because EverTrue's current gift transactions model does not support single gifts made to multiple funds/designations.
  • Tribute gifts are not supported.

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