Alumni Relations Playbook (Chapter 4): Maximize Event Planning

Use EverTrue’s Map Feature to streamline event-planning efforts & easily visualize your alumni data with our Google Maps integration.

Planning a Regional Event?

Use the Map Radius search, location search, or location filters to quickly identify constituents who are in that area, then add any number of our 40+ filters to further narrow down your search.

For example, to find engaged alumni in San Francisco, click the Filters dropdown and choose from one of your 2 City location filters (or add both to your filter set for comprehensive segmenting!):

  1. Location category > City

  2. General Enrichment Data category > Constituent City

Choose the Equals option from the second dropdown menu, and then search for and select “San Francisco” in the third dropdown menu. Next, layer on your Constituency filter, choose the Equals option from the second dropdown, and select “Alumni” options from your third dropdown.

You can add in Facebook Engagement filters to narrow your list to alumni who you already know care about your event’s topic, search for certain industries for a career networking night, filter by class year for young alumni get-togethers, and/or search by lifetime giving amounts for giving circle stewardship events.

Once you’ve created the saved search you’re looking for, create a new list or add them to an existing list in EverTrue. You can export this list into a .csv file to use for email or print invitations.

Add all of those results to the same list you created before (don’t worry, EverTrue will automatically remove any duplicates) so you have everyone in one easily accessible group:

Pass Leads to Annual Giving and Major Gift Teams

As your alumni, parents, and friends register for events you can copy and paste a list of attendees into EverTrue, then sort the list by key information such as gift officer assignment, lifetime giving, current-year donor status, volunteer role, and more.

Sharing this information with other offices helps maximize the impact of your event, create stronger relationships between graduates and your institution, and showcases the hard work you’ve already put in.

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