Alumni Relations Playbook (Chapter 3): Get Proactive with Your Outreach

EverTrue’s integration with Facebook means you can now align your social media communication strategy with your alumni outreach.

Get Intel About What Your Alumni Care About

You look for engaged alums using EverTrue’s search filters, then drill down to create lists of people who have interacted with specific content on your Facebook page.

Use the Facebook Content Engagement filter to search for important keywords. For example, if you have upcoming events with themes around athletics, networking, or a campus initiative, search for terms such as “athletics,” “hockey,” “networking,” “finance,” “science,” or the speaker’s name to see which of your constituents have interacted with those posts to give you targeted list of alumni to event.

  • If the event is in a specific region, you can apply a location filter on top of your search (like City or State) or simply use the map feature to search for engaged alums where you’re hosting your event.
  • With each search, you can quickly add anyone appearing in the results to a list to export for an upcoming email invitation or mailing, then share the list with other EverTrue users in your office for feedback.

Partner with Your Communications Team

Work with your communications team to create and share Facebook content in advance of compelling alumni/ae news, events, and initiatives (like Reunion, Homecoming, Alumni Spotlights, Regional Events, Alumni Challenges, or Giving Days) to surface interested alums that might be more inclined to attend and/or get involved in a greater capacity.

  • The posts don’t have to be as direct as “Like this if you want to give back for Reunion 2018,” but you can share stories about class highlights or alumni speaking at reunion, beloved faculty members, highlight the great programs that reunion-year giving help sustain, or more.
  • When you have an important piece of content to share, try boosting the Facebook post to maximize exposure and trackable alumni engagement in EverTrue.
  • Every interaction with these posts gives you a clue to alumni interests, and you can then deliver engagement that aligns with these affinities!

Need more ideas to get started? Check out our “ Top 5 Posts Every Alumni Facebook Page Should Have” blog post.

Customize Outreach Based on Alumni Interest

Use the Facebook Content Engagement filter to build saved searches for invitations to large events like homecoming or reunion. You can cater the invite to each alum’s known interests. If they’re an entrepreneur, invite them to the startup workshop. If they’re into science, invite them to visit the new labs when they’re back on campus.

You can also use EverTrue’s Google-like search feature to look for past contact reports from alums who have mentioned interest in a particular topic, event, or initiative and include them in your outreach.

Turn Social Insights Into Action

Once you’re tracking interactions and social engagement, it’s time to take those insights and incorporate them into your daily alumni relations efforts.

  • Use lists of your most socially connected alumni to help launch a mentorship program, recruit reunion and regional volunteers, or build a social ambassador program.
  • As you track engagement, you’ll find alumni who are only engaging with your institution digitally and aren’t yet attending in-person events, volunteering, or making gifts. Give them opportunities to expand their participation in ways that make sense, whether it’s an event in their area, a short-term volunteer project, or a crowdfunding program that matches their interests.
  • Use Facebook reactions to help guide outreach. You can create a saved search in EverTrue that tracks alumni who react with a sad or angry face to a Facebook post. This is a great opportunity to connect with graduates and help turn frowns upside down. See how Oklahoma State University does this using EverTrue.
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