Viewing Your Assignments on Mobile

Finding Your Assignments 

After you've downloaded and logged into Volunteer by EverTrue on your mobile device, the app will display a list of your pool(s), the total number of prospects in each pool, and the number of prospects assigned to you.

Click on a pool to see your assignments in that pool. Each assignment will display class year, last gift amount, donor status, and suggested ask amount. 

Please note: if your institution has enabled self-assignment of prospects in a pool, you'll see an additional tab called Prospects, which allows you to view all prospects in that pool and assign them to yourself if they are currently unassigned. You'll be able to remove an assignment here, as well.

Exploring Prospect Profiles

Click on any prospect to view their profile. You'll be able to view the prospect's contact information, career summary, and a giving history. If EverTrue is able to match the person on Facebook or LinkedIn, you'll also see direct links to those profiles.

Right from the app, you can call, email, or text the prospect by tapping on the icons near the top of the profile. Then you can log the interaction on the prospect's profile.

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