Setting up Emma

EverTrue and Emma have partnered together to provide our mutual customers with an increasingly integrated system that will save you time and break down any barriers to a successful campaign. EverTrue users can now send lists to Emma with just two clicks, allowing them to improve the segmentation and personalization of every email.

To get started with the EverTrue Emma integration, contact EverTrue Support or your Customer Success Manager.  

Things to think about before rollout...

  • Make sure your institution is sending good primary email data to EverTrue (using our "IsPrimary" flag for emails). With this integration, EverTrue will deliver a constituent's name and email to Emma. If a constituent does not have a single primary email on their record, EverTrue will not deliver that constituent to Emma, i.e. we only send a constituent to Emma if they have one, and only one, primary email.
  • Discuss solicitation codes internally. Do they align with your primary email flag to be only solicitable emails? E.g. if an email is not solicitable, it should not be marked primary. (Note, within Emma, once an email is opted out it cannot be emailed.)
  • Who will connect your institution's Emma account(s)?
  • How many contacts and lists will you be pushing to Emma, and how frequently?
  • You should connect the sub account from Emma, as opposed to the parent account from Emma.

Integration Setup

  • In Emma, navigate to your Profile settings and go to the API Key tab. You will need to generate a public API Key, private API Key and Account ID, to input into EverTrue.
    • For security reasons, Emma will only show you your private API Key when initially generated, so we suggest having EverTrue open in another window for an easy copy & paste, or noting the private API Key down in a secure manner elsewhere.  

  •  In EverTrue, go to (Admins Only) and select the Integrations tab
  • Click "New Account." Enter your Emma Account Name, Public API Key, Private API Key, and Emma Account ID exactly as you see it in Emma.
    • Because your Emma Private API Key will only display when generated, make sure you get it into EverTrue before you lose it!

  • Click "Add Account" and the integration is ready to go! Your EverTrue account is now connected to Emma. You can send lists of constituents (names & emails) directly to Emma for your next email marketing campaign.  

Ready to use your new integration! Check out how to send a list from EverTrue to Emma here.

Integration Errors + Reconnect

If you encounter an error trying to send a List to Emma, it may be because your account has been invalidated - this just means we need an updated API key for that account. You'll need to reconnect your account in our Integrations Setup portal.If you are no longer using an Emma account, you can disconnect it from EverTrue.  This action cannot be undone. By disconnecting an Emma Account from EverTrue, you are breaking the connection between EverTrue Lists and any related Emma groups in that account. If you attempt to reconnect that account in the future, we will treat it as a completely new connection. I.e. if you push the same list, it will create a NEW group. 

Emma is an email marketing platform making it easy for teams of all sizes to create and collaborate on beautiful campaigns. Its focus on delivering powerful personalization in an accessible way to ultimately drive more conversions and sales. Emma also allows distributed business or franchised organizations to manage professional email marketing at scale. 

For any other questions reach out to EverTrue Support at

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