Sending a List to Emma

Once you've connected your Emma account to EverTrue, you'll be able to send any list of constituents directly to your Emma platform. Follow the steps below to get from EverTrue to Emma in only a few clicks. 

1. Create a List in EverTrue

Create a list in EverTrue of the constituents you want to send to Emma for email marketing. You can do this using filter results or curating a hand-picked list of constituents.

  • Include "Emma" in the name of your list for clarity and easy reference. 
  • Only constituents with a primary email will be sent to Emma, so if the numbers in EverTrue vs Emma don't match, it is most likely because those missing contacts did not have a primary email for EverTrue to send over. 
  • When creating your list using filters, consider checking solicitation code or "has primary email" before adding those constituents to your list.
  • Only the List Owner, not Collaborators, can send a list to Emma.  

2. Send List to Emma

  1. Navigate to the list
  2. Open the Actions dropdown menu in the upper-right corner and select "Send List to Emma."

  3. Select the connected Emma Account you would like to push this list to. 
  4. By hitting "Send List to Emma" you are creating an Emma Group, under the same name as your list, in the Emma Account you selected that contains this static set of constituents. (If your list is edited and constituents are removed or added, you will need to re-send the list to Emma.)

    EverTrue will note the Emma Account that the list was sent to and the date of delivery under the List Name for easy reference.
Opt Outs

Once an email address is marked as "Opt Out" in Emma, their system prevents any emails from being delivered to that address. If an Opt Out email address is attached to a constituent in your list as their primary email, even if you send hit“Send List to Emma” the email will remain opted-out in Emma.

For any other questions reach out to EverTrue Support at

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