Annual Giving Playbook (Chapter 3): Get Specific with Lists

We want to free you from spreadsheets! 

Transition your shared documents into EverTrue to maximize collaboration and cooperation among your team.

Create a list to group together constituents for a specific purpose, appeal, or activity. Collaborate with your teammates to add/remove constituents as appropriate until you have the exact people you need.

  • Appeals: Work with your Communications team to craft an appeal that speaks to the behaviors and interests of the constituents you have grouped together.
  • Event invitations: Identify key constituents for a VIP or stewardship event, removing those who don’t fit the criteria for the event.
  • Volunteers: Using a number of saved seaches, build a list of best candidates for annual fund volunteering based on giving history, social engagement, and other factors.
  • Amplify your efforts: Copy and paste a list of remote IDs or emails from another system to group constituents (event attendees, for example) and use the additional EverTrue insights and functionality to hone in on your best potential supporters. 
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