Volunteer Management Admin Guide (Chapter 1): Checklist

Volunteer by EverTrue unlocks the full potential of every volunteer-driven fundraising program. Our secure platform protects sensitive donor information, while putting powerful tools and up-to-date information into the hands of your best ambassadors. You’ll raise engagement, participation, and total dollars—no sweat!

Let’s Get Started!

In this guide, you’ll find ways to launch your new volunteer management platform, recruit volunteers, and manage your program.

8 Ways to Build the Best Volunteer Program

Complete this checklist to get your EverTrue-powered peer-to-peer program running at full speed.

✅ Designate a "champion” who is responsible for ongoing oversight of your EverTrue partnership.

✅ Create flexible, unlimited pools to manage teams of volunteers.

✅ Recruit your most engaged super fans to join your fundraising team.

✅ Set up a training program for new volunteers and get ready to roll out your new software. (Here’s our volunteer-facing help site to get you started.)

✅ Go mobile! Get all of your volunteers who use iOS devices to download the Volunteer by EverTrue mobile app. 

✅ Ditch spreadsheets and printouts. Set goals and report on progress in real-time.

✅ Celebrate your most motivated and effective volunteers as you hit goals and break records.

✅ Share success stories with your Customer Success Manager. We love to hear about the great work you’re doing!

For any other questions, reach out to EverTrue Support at genius@evertrue.com.

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