Career Moves FAQ: 2024 Updates

Note: The updates referenced in this article are part of the Career Moves changes taking place in early 2024. Please reach out to your CSM if you have questions about the information detailed below.

To ensure we provide your teams with the strongest career data, we are implementing the following changes to Career Moves:

  • Returning to quarterly file delivery, which includes job change data from the previous 90 days. 
  • Resuming tracking of career changes for alumni.
  • Updating Career Moves export files to include historical job data.

Please review the questions and answers below, as they dive into more specific details about these changes!

As we transition back to our original Career Moves format, providing high-quality alumni employment data, you will receive Career Moves exports on a quarterly basis

Your first quarterly Career Moves export files will be delivered between February and March of 2024. You will receive two export files containing updated columns and field names:

  1. Career Moves (High Confidence Matches) - This file includes only records for which EverTrue has a high confidence that the career move data matches up with the given constituents.

  2. Career Moves (All Matches) - This file includes all career moves records where EverTrue was able to match the career move data to a given constituent with a high, medium, or low level of confidence.

Once delivered, you will be notified by your CSM that files are available to be downloaded from the Export Data tab of your account’s Settings page. This tab is accessible to EverTrue Owners. As we near the first file delivery dates, we will provide additional resources to help you familiarize yourself with any updates made to the export files.

What resources can I use to understand the changes made to the Career Moves export file?

We recommend using our updated Career Moves Data Dictionary to familiarize yourself with the fields that will be included in your export file. Most of these will be familiar, but we’ve edited some field names for clarity and added one additional data point (Client_Provided_Employer_Name). Take a look at our Career Moves (All Matches) sample file for a preview of what you’ll see when your exports are available!


Can you describe the Career Match Confidence scoring and detail how these scores are being determined?

We compile a list of all alumni from your institution who have reported a career change on LinkedIn within the last 90 days. EverTrue then uses an ever-improving algorithm to look through your constituents and determine if any of them “match” with one of these career-changing alumni.

The baseline requirement for a match is when a constituent shares the first and last name as an alumni in our data list. A match based solely on first and last name results in a “Low” confidence score. However, if additional data points match (such as the constituent and career-changer sharing the same graduation year), the confidence score increases to “Medium” or “High."

Our team is committed to providing you with updated Career Moves data as quickly as possible. Once available, we want to ensure only this highest-quality data is accessible to your team. To achieve our goal, we will clean up old data delivered from June to November of 2023 by removing it from the EverTrue platform. As part of this clean-up process, export reports named Career Moves (New All) and Career Moves (New Updates) will also be removed. We will provide your team with at least one month’s notice ahead of removal.

In the meantime, you can still export and use this employment data. If you are an EverTrue Owner, you can download these exports from the Export Data tab of your account’s Settings page. We recommend downloading these files as soon as possible if you would like to validate and update your CRM with their results.

This updated version of Career Moves will be reverting back to our previous system of using your organization’s LinkedIn URL(s) to collect alumni employment data. Therefore, it’s important to provide your Customer Success Manager with the most up-to-date LinkedIn URL(s) that you would like us to use when pulling Career Moves data.

As part of our updates to Career Moves, we will track career changes for your organization’s alumni. Data for this constituent set will be included in your export files and in the EverTrue platform.

For any other questions reach out to EverTrue Support at

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