Connecting Eventbrite to EverTrue

Connecting your institution's Eventbrite account to EverTrue gives your users the ability to see constituent's engagement with your events, as well as the breakdowns of how constituents have responded to each event, in the context of other relevant data including giving and assignments.

In order to connect your Eventbrite account to EverTrue, the events tab must be enabled by the EverTrue Support team - reach out to us at to get this process started. Once we've enabled the Events feature, you will see an Events tab in the menu on the left side of your screen. Click into Events, and then click the Actions drop down to access the Manage Eventbrite Integration screen. When you click Manage Eventbrite Integration, you will be prompted to sign into your Eventbrite account and then you're good to go!

Now that you have your Eventbrite events in EverTrue, you can utilize this data to get an even better understanding of your constituents. You can look at specific events and see which of your matched constituents are attending, or look at specific constituent records and see which events that particular person has gone to. You also have an Event Engagement filter in the Browse section, where you can search by Constituents who Engaged Positively in a certain time frame or look for specific event engagement types!

Important to Note

  • Data will start populating in the Events tab the day after you connect your account.
  • Each organization can only add a single Eventbrite account to EverTrue - in the case your organization has an enterprise level account, you will only be able to connect a single subaccount or the master account. We recommend connecting the master account so you are not missing Events.

For any other questions reach out to EverTrue Support at

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