5 Steps for Building Portfolios, Finding Filler Visits, and Closing Transformational Gifts

Following a highly acclaimed presentation at the Big 12 Conference, we are thrilled to bring this dynamic session to the webinar stage! The Oklahoma State University Foundation (OSUF) is joining us this June to share essential strategies for optimizing prospect research, trip planning, and donor engagement, all aimed at driving fundraising success.

In this webinar, the OSUF team will simplify the complex task of uncovering top fundraising prospects.  Tune in to for a discussion on:

  • Building Collaborative Prospect Lists: Understand how to create, share, and refine prospect lists within your team to ensure no potential donor is overlooked.
  • Strategic Trip Planning: Explore how to layer prospect lists onto a map to plan efficient and effective donor visits.
  • Comprehensive Prospecting: Learn to integrate data on donor status, recent giving, wealth, and age to pinpoint the most promising prospects.
  • Effective Outreach Techniques: Discover methods for practicing polite persistence in communications to increase meeting bookings.
  • Going the Extra Mile: Hear real-life success stories of how extending efforts can lead to securing transformational gifts.

Don’t miss out—use the registration link above to reserve your spot, and we'll see you there!



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