Career Moves Upgrade FAQ

Note: The updates referenced in this article are part of our Career Moves upgrade taking place in May 2023. Please reach out to your CSM if you have questions about the information detailed below.

Our previous ratings of High, Probable, and Possible are being replaced with a confidence match score falling between a scale of 10-100. When reviewing a constituent profile's Enrichment tab, you will notice a tag of Low, Medium, or High replace the Human-verified tag within their Professional section.

The matching is performed using several Career Moves data points, and the confidence scores are determined by the uniqueness of the data. The more unique identifiers associated with a constituent, the higher the confidence score. 

  • High Confidence: The best possible match. High confidence pairs back to matches with scores above 50.
  • Medium Confidence: Any match with a score between 30 and 50. 
  • Low Confidence: Any match with a confidence score below 30.

When digging into your Career Moves data, we recommend starting with scores that fall between 80 and 100. Doing so will narrow down the scope of your review to constituents with the strongest match rates.

Will the upgrades made to Career Moves only capture job changes for certain constituent sets?

As part of our Career Moves enhancements, we will be tracking career changes for all of your constituents in EverTrue! Before May of 2023, we were only able to offer insights for alumni.

Will we still be able to see previous constituent job changes in addition to the most recent job change in our new export file?

For now, we will only be receiving Career Moves data for a constituent’s most recent job change. However, we will be receiving this data much more frequently (monthly rather than quarterly). Given this increased cadence, tracking job changes across each month’s export file will help with understanding previous moves. Additionally, if you are an EverTrue user who received Career Moves before May 2023 you will still have access to historical Career Moves export files in which previous job changes are documented.

For any other questions reach out to the Genius Team at

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