My Trips Mobile

My Trips Mobile (currently iOS is a great way to keep track of your travels and make adjustments while you are on the road. You can even dictate your interaction notes into the app and we'll convert your speech to text for quick entry!

My Trips Mobile Features

See all of your Trips and view other's Trips

You will be able to see any trip that you've created or any trip that has been created by someone else where you've been added as a collaborator. To see your trips, Click the Menu at the top left of your EverTrue advancement app and click on My Trips.

Create a new Trip

Once you've clicked the plus sign, you will be prompted to enter information about your new trip. You will want to make sure to scroll down, as there are some additional fields after the collaborators section (you do not have to add collaborators, but can do so if you are sharing with another staff member). Some fields are required so be sure to make sure you fill those out. Once you're ready to finish creating the trip, click save at the top right.

Create Meetings

To create a new meeting, you'll go into the specific trip, and at the top right, you'll click the Calendar with a plus sign icon at the top right. You'll then want to select whether the event is a meeting or a time block (meetings will be for interactions with constituents, while time blocks are for setting time aside in your schedule, such as flights or transit time). 

View Your Trip Log

You trip log will be the first piece you see when you select a trip. It will show your meetings in chronological order. 

Delete a Trip

To delete a trip, simply click the ellipses icon on the main My Trips screen (where you can see all of your trips) and click Delete. 

Add, Edit, and Delete Interactions

To add, edit or delete an interaction, you will click on the constituents record. Once the record comes up, click on the three-dot icon at the top right. You will then have the option to add an interaction. To edit or delete an interaction, you can go to the interactions tab and select the interaction you would like to edit or delete.

Dictate Interactions

When entering an interaction, on your keyboard you can elect to click the microphone button, which will allow you to dictate your interaction.

View Trip on a Map

On the main trip screen, you'll notice above the listed meetings. You can click into that map to see a full map view of the trip.

Get Directions

You can open up your maps app to get directions by opening a meeting, and then click on the blue address listing.

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