Trips to Calendar

Trips in EverTrue can be added to your day-to-day calendar in order to keep your schedule all in one place. (Some of us live by our calendars!)

On your My Trips home page, select "Add to Calendar" in the upper-right corner of your screen.

From here you can grab your calendar feed link* and follow the instructions listed for your calendar provider.

*This link is not meant to be opened in your web browser. Opening this link in that way will download a .ics file. This .ics file can add My Trip meetings to your calendar but only once. EverTrue will not be able to update your meetings dynamically if you go this route.

The first time you add your Trips to a calendar, all meetings will show up relatively quick. All subsequent trip updates will not appear for up to 12 hours (or at whatever cadence your calendar provider fetches updates). The update frequency is not controlled by EverTrue.

Note, once you've added your Trips to a calendar, all of your trips and meetings will display. This feature is not on a trip by trip basis, but a full feed of all trips you are a part of, either as an owner or collaborator.

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