Trips & Meetings

Planning your next trip in EverTrue is easier with EverTrue's Trips & Meetings

Trips & Meetings helps traveling fundraisers prioritize, schedule, coordinate, and take quick meeting notes with prospects and donors while on the road or right from home. It removes the need for printed research profiles, printed point-to-point directions, or even a notebook. The modern gift officer now has everything they need on their mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. 

And in this new world of Zoom meetings and Google Meet, we wanted to give fundraisers a way to keep track of their virtual donor visits, so you can now schedule and manage local, virtual, and phone meetings in EverTrue in addition to in-person events.

Getting Started

Everything you need to know about Trips & Meetings can be found below. Start from the top and work your way down to become an expert in no time!

  1. Create a Trip
  2. Create a Meeting
  3. Collaborate on Trips
  4. Syncing to Calendar
  5. My Trips Mobile
  6. View Trip Map
  7. Trip Interactions
  8. Your Trip Log
  9. Email Trip Itinerary
  10. Setting up your Zoom Integration

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