Alumni Community Playbook (Chapter 5): Additional Alumni Community Resources

Customer Success Manager

Your Customer Success Manager is your main point of contact at EverTrue. Their job is to make you successful in yours! Whether you need help marketing and promoting your Alumni Community or need info about new features, your Customer Success Manager will ensure your team gets the most out of your partnership with EverTrue.

EverTrue Support

EverTrue’s dedicated support and implementation team helps you get up and running by bringing your data into our platform and supports administrators on an ongoing basis as you manage your Alumni Community directory for your constituents. If you run into a problem or think you’ve found a bug, you can contact us at and we’ll help find a solution fast.

Visit the help section of our website for self-service tutorials and help documents that cover everything you need to know for using and managing your Alumni Community.

Ongoing Training

We run regular webinars to support our partner schools and institutions. Keep an eye on your inbox for upcoming sessions or check for the upcoming schedule.

Raise: An EverTrue Blog

Subscribe here for advancement thought leadership, fundraising and engagement best practices, and fun updates from EverTrue.

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