Alumni Community Playbook (Chapter 3): Sample Email and Website Promotional Copy

Spread the Word About Your Community

Introducing the New, Improved [your school name here] Alumni Directory
Powered by an exclusive partnership with LinkedIn, this directory helps alumni connect with one another by combining the university’s records with information from the world’s most popular professional networking site. This easy-to-use, mobile-friendly directory is a powerful networking tool with enhanced career details and location information for all alumni. Find fellow graduates in your city, network with alumni in your industry, or connect with people who share similar interests and passions.

How It Affects You
You’ll need to download the EverTrue app for iOS or Android or sign in online here. It’s easy to access the directory using your LinkedIn account information or you can set a password by requesting access using your primary email address.

(If you’ve accessed the Alumni Community App from your phone before, there’s no need to set up a new password. Just sign into the new web version and start dive right in! The web version works on nearly every internet connected device—from your desktop to your tablet to your smartphone.)

It Travels With You
Wherever you go, the alumni network travels with you. Look up contact information on-the-go by searching from your phone or tablet. You can search for other alumni by name, class year, industry, location, and more.

Give Back, Grow Your Career, or Both
You can now search for career mentors in the directory. When you’re using the search feature, choose an industry, company, and/or geographic location and select the option to look for alumni who are willing to mentor fellow graduates. You’ll see a list of people who will talk to you about their industry or give advice as you grow your own career.

If you’d like to be a career mentor for other alumni, log in to the directory on the web or your iOS device, go to the “Settings” menu and select the checkbox to become a mentor. Your profile will now appear in relevant searches for other alumni to find and connect with you

Alumni helping alumni...What could be better?

For Chapter 4, click here!

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