Step 1 - What is the Data Sync?

Step 1 - What is the Data Sync? 

What is the Data Sync you ask? 

It allows your data to be FRESH, and we all understand that up-to-date constituent information is so valuable!

  • Keep data current in EverTrue with daily syncs from your database
  • No more SFTP file transfers and scheduled exports from your CRM
  • Saves your most valuable asset - your time!

Check out this video by our awesome team to learn more!

Let us do the work

You’ll be up and running in a matter of days with EverTrue’s Data Sync. After a short consultation, you’ll connect to EverTrue via a secure API key. We’ll pull in the data we need, transform it to our data model, and your EverTrue platform will be live in no time. And since we’ll update information nightly via automatic data pulls, you never have to remember to update the EverTrue platform.

Use always-fresh insights

Once your data is in EverTrue, we make the magic happen. We’ll enrich your data with TrueView insights, which include career information, donor interests, and social media profiles. We’ll also connect your constituents to their Facebook profiles, giving you insight into their engagement with your Facebook pages. And you can leverage additional insights with Career Moves, Windfall, ThankView, Eventbrite, and more.

Find your best prospects

EverTrue keeps you on top of current donors and identifies great new prospects. With Saved Searches, you’ll combine your data with EverTrue’s continually refreshed insights and receive notifications when your alumni and prospects engage, give, change jobs, and more.

Export everything

Much of the data EverTrue gathers on your constituents — Career Moves and Windfall’s net worth calculations, for example — can be exported back into your CRM. You can also set up automatic, daily exports of proposal information, contact reports or interactions, and stage moves to keep both EverTrue and your database fresh.