Alumni Community Playbook (Chapter 1): Launch Checklist


You’re about to give your graduates access to the best alumni networking platform out there. Your new EverTrue Alumni Community is intuitive and easy to use, offers dynamic search features, and is delightfully mobile-friendly.

With Alumni Community, your alumni will tap into the power of updated career and location information courtesy of our exclusive partnership with LinkedIn. We’ll match records from your database to corresponding profiles on LinkedIn, then give your users the most accurate information available with every search.

This means you’re adding value to the alumni experience, driving meaningful engagement, and obtaining new email addresses or confirming existing ones with every new user. What could be better?

Let’s Get Started…

We’re going to do our best to set you up for success, starting with the Alumni Community Playbook. This is the first chapter.

In this guide, you’ll find helpful tips to launch your directory, a sample marketing plan, promotional materials from other partners, talking points, and more.

9 Steps to Success

Complete this checklist for a successful launch of your new directory. You’ll find more information to help you with each step. Check out the Related Articles section below.

  1. Designate an “owner” who is responsible for ongoing oversight and promotion of the Community.
  2. Activate and brand your web-based Alumni Community and your Alumni Community App .
  3. Create an operational plan, designating responsibilities for helping new users log in, answering questions about the community, and adding suggested updates and new email addresses to the database.
  4. Internal rollout: demo the new Alumni Community features internally and make sure your entire team has access and knows how to use the directory.
  5. Set goals for user adoption, information updates, mentorship metrics, and more to start tracking success.
  6. Draft a marketing plan that covers how you’ll promote the Alumni Community network at events and via your website, email, and social media throughout the year.
  7. If you’re starting a mentorship program from scratch, “seed” the directory by asking specific alumni to become mentors in the platform.
  8. Start spreading the word about your new Alumni Community to alumni who are eager to connect and network with each other.
  9. Share success stories with your Customer Success Manager. We love to hear about the great work you’re doing!

For Chapter 2, click here!

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