Getting Started with Career Moves

What do we mean by Career Moves?

Career Moves refers to our high quality, human-verified job changes and career insights that are delivered to you via EverTrue every 90 days. This information is available to you via the enrichment tab of a constituent profile in EverTrue. 

What are the benefits of Career Moves?

Within an institution, alumni career information is often updated inconsistently on a one-off basis. We’re here to provide data on all of the job changes missed by you and your team, employer location, and location of alumni, all delivered to you on a quarterly basis. This conveniently lives within a constituent profile, and can be filtered on for high quality search segmenting. 

EverTrue will take care of all matching, which means that this information is readily available for you within the platform every 90 days. Any noteworthy job changes will be marked in the enrichment tab of the constituent file, where the Career Moves data lives. For example, if your constituent was recently promoted, you’ll see this note in their profile. 

What you’ll need to provide in terms of data

You will need to have your constituent data uploaded in the EverTrue Console. This can be uploaded by your advancement services team. Once uploaded, it will be reflected in the platform.

Business-related Questions to Ask Internally:

  1. How does this work in relation to other tools? 
  2. Where does it complement tools you might already use?
  3. How is this different from other career search tools we use?
  4. How do you want people on your team to use Career Moves data?
  5. What is the timeline for implementing this feature?
  6. Once I receive our first file of career moves, what do I do with them?

Frequently Asked Questions on Career Moves:

Q: What is the difference between the verified file and the all moves file?

  • A:Verified matches are our most confident, human-verified matches. Unverified matches mean that we are less confident in the data and thus, we do not show this information in EverTrue.

Q: What is the best way to operationalize these moves?

  • A: Don’t sit on the data! Find ways to take action on verified information immediately. Options include:
  1. Send directly to fundraisers for research and outreach (either via collaborative lists or saved search notifications).
  2. Pull into your CRM. As EverTrue has done the verification and matching for you to your CRM IDs, you can use standard importing tools to append this information to constituent records.
  3. Use in prospect development--which titles, industries, companies indicate capacity and can be used in portfolio creation?
  4. Send to alumni relations and engagement or your career services office. Job changers are likely excited about their moves and open to talking more about career pathing and how their might support students and fellow alums.

Q: Can you describe the difference between the ‘HIGH,’ ‘PROBABLE,’ and ‘POSSIBLE’ ratings in the all moves file? Is this based on a percentage of confidence or something else?

  • “High” is the best possible match - these matches have gone through THREE levels of review/validation. “High” indicates an initial manual processing followed by an automated validation / match to the linked alumni record and will be assigned when there is a full name match plus a class year match or class year = career start year - 1 match. Updates with a level of “Highest” or “High” typically only map to a single contact record (aka there can be more than one record that are close matches for "High", but it is unlikely. "Highest" matches are unique matches). 
  • “Probable” indicates it is a highly likely match, however there may be multiple records with the same or similar names and education information, preventing EverTrue from being able to confidently verify it is the right person so we recommend a human being review it.
  • "Possible" matches are usually a name only match without a class year to try to match to, or the class years were more than 2 years apart.
  • A blank or “No Match” indicates that EverTrue was not able to find any name match for the incoming profile, or there is an undefined nickname/synonym preventing a name match, it is a non-grad or an active student. These additional records are provided for reference and may indicate individuals who identify as being affiliated, often it is a non grad or student who does not have records in EverTrue

Q: How will I know there are new career moves?

  • A: An EverTrue team member will alert you when new moves are ready. Additionally, you can create saved searches within the tool that look for changes in the last [period of time] that can trigger notifications to users.

Using Career Moves Filters:

Users with Career Moves can run searches on their Career Moves data right in EverTrue. Using the Career Move Type as well as the Career Moves Data filters, you can create a list of individuals with specific career moves updates within a set period of time.

Select the Career Move Type filter to look at constituents with a recent update, which you can select in the drop down menu. Set a window of time to see career moves updates from the last week, and congratulate your prospects on their promotion or retirement.

Click here for more information on filters in EverTrue!

Check out a live Career Moves Demo:

Training Help & Resources

Read to get started?

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to get started with enabling this feature. Our EverTrue Support Team ( can answer any technical questions. Our Data Resources can also answer questions you have about getting started with implementation.