EverTrue Use Cases: Lists & Saved Searches

Learn about how our customers are using Lists & Saved Searches!

Customer's Role: Assistant Director of Leadership Annual Giving

Using Saved Searches…she sets up email notifications on a daily and weekly basis. She does this to discover when new prospects have been added to her lists, since there are 25 or so new prospects each week. This helps her to stay in contact with people she hasn’t contacted before or in a little while. 

Customer's Role: Director of Prospect Research

By creating lists in EverTrue… she can share information easily with Gift Officers, to inform them which prospects are attending and participating in a particular event. 

Customer's Role: Associate Director of Alumni Engagement 

Using EverTrue’s List Function… she maintains quick access to groups she works with frequently such as their alumni boards, recent alumni committee, and prospects. She uses these lists for targeted outreach and alumni engagement. 

EverTrue Tip:

1. Save a search of people who respond with an “angry” reaction on Facebook. EverTrue allows you to search for these different reactions, so you can save that search and receive weekly updates when your Facebook fans react with an “angry” or “sad” face. It’s helpful to reach out to these alumni and parents to understand their reaction and give them a chance to stay engaged with your institution.

Take a look at lessons 5 & 6 for a demo on lists & saved searches!