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Career Moves Export Fields

How to Export

EverTrue will check for career changes every 90 days, though frequency may vary from institution to institution. Historical data is available for exporting as well. Whether you would like to export all Career Moves updates or simply the verified updates, you can easily export Career Moves data from EverTrue!

As an EverTrue Owner, head to the menu under your name and click Settings:

From there, head to the "Export Data" tab and find the Career Moves export options. 

You can select which data you'd like to download (all updates or only verified updates) and use the drop down menu to select a specific timeframe. If you see more than one file with the same date, this means that we are tracking multiple sources for your account, and you will need to download all files from that date. 

Field Definitions

For a detailed list of fields and definitions, please click here.