Getting Started with Launchpad

What is Launchpad?

Launchpad is a landing page and metrics tracker in EverTrue, intended to provide users and teams with a space for viewing and tracking their work goals, and their progress toward that goal. 

What are the benefits of Launchpad?

Since users carry out multiple tasks in EverTrue, it provides a space for the user to review their work, which is automatically summarized based on the data in EverTrue. Then, users and teams can set their work flows based on their progress. This tool will provide a one stop shop to review your goals for this fiscal year, and then view actionable information summarized for you in one place.

Launchpad provides specific cards (called widgets) that are personalized to the user and showcase different information from the platform that is relevant to the user’s job. Widgets are customizable, and users can change the order of appearance for a more personalized experience.

What you’ll need to provide in terms of data

You will need to have RM Assignments, Interactions, and Proposals uploaded in the EverTrue Console. Once uploaded, it will be reflected in the platform.

How to enable Launchpad in the platform

In order for Launchpad to be enabled and activated, your EverTrue user will need to be connected to your solicitor record. As an EverTrue owner, you can check the status of “user record” & “solicitor record” connection in the Manage Team section of Portfolio. Check the “User Match” column to be sure that the correct user record is connected to the solicitor record. 

Next, owners in EverTrue can set users’ goals by navigating to the individual solicitors in Team Management, clicking the three dot menu by their name, and then choosing “solicitor goals.” Goals are not required, but are recommended for getting the most out of this feature.

Business-related Questions to Ask Internally:

  1. How does this work in relation to other tools? (i.e. are you sending data to EverTrue daily from your CRM? Do you have existing dashboards in other tools that you will be encouraging users to no longer use in favor of Launchpad?)
  2. Where does it complement tools you might already use?
  3. Which proposals will ‘count’ towards totals within Launchpad?
  4. What goals do teams have that would need to be entered into Launchpad?
  5. How do you want people on your team to use Launchpad?
  6. What is the timeline for implementing this feature?

Frequently Asked Questions on Launchpad:

Q: Can you globally customize or hide widgets for users?

A: Users can customize the view of their own widgets (and hide widgets). There is no global account customization. 

Q: Are interactions specific to a team or all of my interactions?

A: Interactions that are shown on the Gift Officer tab are specific to you, and interactions on the Team tab within the Launchpad feature will include all interactions from your team (any solicitors working in that portfolio)

Q: Does Total Giving count only certain gift types?

A: Total Giving is determined by the fiscal year totals for your assigned prospects. 

Q: What are my “visit” types?

A: “Visit” types will be determined by you! You can head to and specify which of your interaction types count towards visit credit, and we will use those to determine how many visits a gift officer gets credit for. 

Demo Walk-Through:

Check out our roadmap webinar, which includes a demo on Launchpad with our Product and Customer Success Teams. 

Training & Help Resources:

Ready to get started? 

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to get started with enabling this feature. Our EverTrue Support Team ( can answer any technical questions. Our Data Resources can also answer questions you have about getting started with implementation.