Career Moves

Career Moves in EverTrue 

When we say career moves, we are referring to our manually curated, high-quality employment data that is available in the enrichment tab within a constituent file. Accounts using Career Moves will receive human-verified career updates on your constituents every 90 days. 

Users with career moves can access Career Moves data by heading to the EverTrue enrichment tab within a constituent file and looking at the human-verified information within the Professional box:

How it works

  1. EverTrue will monitor for common career move indicators. This includes any changes we are able to monitor via online professional profiles. 
  2. Then, real people will verify the career changes we find and send the public data back to EverTrue. We can monitor location change, career change, industry change, and all dates associated with those changes.
  3. We gather the information into a CSV file and our proprietary matching algorithm will map updates back to your constituent files in EverTrue. This allows us to check on whether we agree with the human-verified information.
  4. Those updates will flow into your EverTrue account, and will populate into save searches and triggering alerts.
  5. You can go ahead and export these verified updates from EverTrue and add to your database.

What can you expect from Career Moves?

  • Automatic career moves and updates that are not in your home database.
  • A quarterly career moves digest, where EverTrue provides you with a summary of career updates on your constituents with actionable suggestions for using this data.
  • Stay up-to-speed on any job changes within your constituent base and maximize your lead prospecting efforts.
  • EverTrue will handle all tracking, transcribing, and matching for you. 

Verified VS unverified matching:

With Career Moves, we use trained professionals to verify and classify new career information. We then use an advanced, proprietary algorithm to match information from those job changes to your alumni records.

Verified matches are our most confident, human-verified matches. Unverified matches mean that we are less confident in the data and thus, we do not show this information in EverTrue.

Career Moves Filters

With Career Moves, you can utilize two specific filters to narrow down your constituent data. Head into your constituent tab and apply the filters Career Moves Type and Career Moves Date.

Career Moves Type will allow you to filter by the career change that has happened. This includes:

  • An additional job
  • A new job
  • A promotion
  • Retirement
  • Student
  • Unemployed

Career Moves Date will allow you to provide a date range for these changes, so you can look at career move types within a specific time frame.

Additional questions about Career Moves? Check out this Career Moves Data Dictionary