User vs. Owner Access

User vs. Owner Access

If you have been designated as your organization’s EverTrue Owner, you have the ability to invite your colleagues to become users, manage them, and then delete them once they leave your organization. If you are an EverTrue User, you cannot remove others. See below for additional details!

User vs Owner Access: Core Platform

As a user in Core, you can view all constituent records, enrichment data, and engagement data. As of March 2020, all Core customers can also access the Trips and Meetings platform feature. You can view all tabs in the left-hand navigation menu in EverTrue. 

As an owner in Core, you can also:

  • Add or remove users (details found here)
  • View user lists as well as session usage stats from the Manage Team page
  • Export Enrichment data
  • Configure Facebook integration
  • Configure Emma integration
  • Configure Eventbrite integration
  • Configure Zoom integration

User vs. Owner Access: Relationship Management Module 

As a user in Relationship Management, you can access all constituent information in the Discover section, and also view your Portfolio and Launchpad:

As an owner in Relationship Management, you can also:

  • View other teams
  • View other portfolios
  • Add new solicitors
  • Add or drop prospects
  • Set launchpad goals
  • Add/drop assignments & make stage changes regardless of institutions settings in Portfolios
  • View all launchpads on your team (if you have the Gift Officer role)

Volunteer Module Access

As an OWNER and also as a USER in the Volunteer Module, you have access to do the following:

  • Access ALL pool creation settings
  • Add or remove any volunteers and any prospects

Volunteer Leads and Volunteers do not have access to pool creation settings, adding or removing volunteers, or adding or removing prospects from the Volunteer Module.

Volunteer Module Viewing Privileges

Volunteer Leads can view all of the following in the Volunteer Module: assignments, prospects, constituent data, and interactions. As a Volunteer Lead, you can view some of the giving data (pool-specific), log all interactions, and suggest an update.

Volunteers can view all of the following in the Volunteer Module: assignments and constituent data. As a Volunteer, you can view some prospects as well as some giving data, both of which are pool-specific. You will own and log all interactions, and you can also suggest an update.