Proposal Form Configuration

Use the guide below to decide how you would like to configure your Proposal form in EverTrue. This may be the first time you are standardizing the proposal process, or you may be recreating an existing form in EverTrue. Either way, we have customization options that should fit your team's needs and requirements!

Required: Your organization must be sending assignment data through our new RM Assignment model. You are on this model if you see a "Portfolio" tab in EverTrue (not "My Portfolios"), and if you deliver an RM assignment file to Console. 

Questions to Answer Internally

We suggest having an all-hands internal meeting to establish your proposal form and set guidelines that will be used by your entire institution. Here are a few questions to help get that conversation started.

  1. How do you expect your users to interact with the form? When? How often? 
  2. Will EverTrue's proposal form be the primary entry method of proposals? 
  3. Will your team still be able to enter proposals in your database? 
  4. Are you looking to simplify or improve your current process? If so, how?
  5. What fields do you require from your team when writing a proposal? 
  6. What teams at your institution will be using this form? Does every team use the same process? Will you need to combine requirements from those teams into a singular institution-wide form? 

Standard Form Elements

Without any configuration, EverTrue's Proposal form includes the following fields:

  • Active (flag yes/no, defaults to Yes)
  • Date Created (defaults to today)
  • Primary Solicitor (required)
  • Title (required)
  • Description
  • Proposal Stage: these values are imported to EverTrue, but the values in that field can be adjusted (added, removed, or updated) 
  • Original Ask & Date
  • Current Ask & Date
  • Expected Ask & Date
  • Funded Ask & Date

Form Page 1

Form Page 2

Custom Form Elements

  • Number of additional constituents, if any (page 1 of form)
  • Number of additional solicitors, if any (page 1 of form)
  • Custom Fields (page 3): Any imported proposal custom fields can be included on your EverTrue proposal form. The values in that field can be adjusted (added, removed, or updated). 
    • Money
    • Date
    • Number
    • Yes/No
    • String
    • Free Text Box

Form Page 3 (custom fields)

All proposals entered in EverTrue will come out in an export for you to push back into your database. Reach out to your implementation specialist or if you have any questions!