Zoom Integration Setup

EverTrue now offers the ability to host Zoom meetings right in the EverTrue app, but first, you need to make sure that a Zoom Account Admin sets up the credentials in the platform for your organization. Once you follow the steps below, your team will be Zooming from EverTrue in no time!

Obtaining your Zoom API Credentials

  1. As an administrator of your Zoom account, navigate to your Zoom account here, where you should see your dashboard of Created Apps.  If you are not immediately taken to your Created Apps, click the "Manage" button at the top right of your screen.
  2. If your organization already has set up an app for API connections, you should see an app in the list with a type of JWT (JSON Web Tokens).  If not, please complete the next step. Otherwise, skip to step 4.
  3. If your organization has not set up an app for API connections, click on the 'Develop' dropdown up in the top right corner or the page, and select “Build App”, which will take you to a new page with various options.  Select JWT as the app type and click on Create.  From there, you can follow the steps outlined here to create your app and access your API Key and Secret, which will be needed in the next steps.
  4. Once you have setup your Zoom JWT app and can copy the API Key and Secret, you are ready to set up your Zoom integration within the EverTrue platform.

Setting up Zoom Integration in EverTrue Platform

Start by logging into the EverTrue platform and navigate over to the DataManager portal at https://data.evertrue.com (if you do not have access to DataManager, email genius@evertrue.com).  

  1. From the left nav of DataManager, under Settings, click on the Integrations tab, which will bring you to the Integrations page. 
  2.  Next, click on the 'Meeting Platforms' sub-tab located on that page.
  3. Click the New Platform button to add the Zoom integration

  4. In the Add Platform pop-up, enter an Account Name for this account (This is just a display name to help you keep track if there are multiple accounts for the platform type).  
  5. Next, enter the Platform Account ID for your Zoom account. This can be obtained by logging into your Zoom platform account (zzom.us) and navigating to your Account profile. 
  6. The next two fields will be where you copy and paste the API Key and Secret obtained in the previous section. NOTE: once the Secret is pasted and saved, this information is encrypted and will not be displayed in our platform again. For security purposes, we set our expiration period for our JWTs to be sixty (60) seconds. 
  7. After all the information has been entered, click Save, and you will be redirected to the list view. 
  8. Once this integration is set up, your users are now ready to start Zoom meetings right from EverTrue! 

Note that you will only see a Zoom meeting option in EverTrue if your EverTrue user email matches the email associated with your Zoom account. Please contact your Zoom Admin if you have any questions.