Key Prospects for Volunteers

Are there prospects that your volunteers should be focusing on or prioritizing? When Volunteers see their list of prospects for the first time, it can be difficult to know where they should start. Now, you can indicate which prospects should be prioritized by marking them as a Key Prospect

In the Volunteer Platform, your volunteers can identify their Key Prospects by looking for the star icon on the prospect's card. 

To Mark a Record as a Key Prospect

Via the EverTrue Platform
  1. Navigate to the Volunteer section of the EverTrue platform and locate the pool you would like to start in. 
  2. Locate the desired record in the Prospect list (right side) and click the three dots in the right corner of the card. If you don't see any prospects, this means you need to add prospects to this pool. 
  3. Select the Make Key Prospect button. Please note that if this prospect exists in more than one pool, this Key Prospect status will not be automatically transferred to the record in other pools. 
Via Import
  1. When generating your Volunteer Assignment file, make sure to include a new column called Key Prospect. 
  2. To indicate a Key Prospect, include a Yes/Y in this field. Note: if you do not continue to import the Key Prospect flag, this field will be overwritten. 
  3. Import your file to Console
For existing programs who would like to import Key Prospects
  1. We'd recommend running a Full Export of your Volunteer Assignments from EverTrue. You must be an EverTrue Owner to do this. This export will be a full copy of the volunteer assignments, stages and ask amounts that are currently in the Volunteer platform.
  2. Then, add a column to this file called Key Prospect and indicate any Key Prospects with a Yes/Y flag. 
  3. Save your file and upload this file to Console. This file should retain your previous assignments but add in the Key Prospect flags.