Filtering By Location

Filtering your constituents by where they live and work is not a new concept. However, EverTrue is taking location filtering to the next level thanks to our enriched data from TrueView

Let's face it, keeping up-to-date addresses is a chore. Your constituents are constantly moving, and they are not reporting their most up-to-date address with you! If you don't trust the location data coming from your database, you can search using data that we've gathered from reliable enrichment sources. This ensures that you are capturing any constituent that meets your location criteria no matter what.

The following filters contain enriched location data:

  • EverTrue Enriched Metro Area
  • City
  • State
  • Country

Use Cases

If you are looking for people in city of Albany, search for "Albany" and select the imported and enriched data. We will always show the enriched data in a separate section from your imported data. Apply both selections to make sure you are catching everyone! You can do the same thing with the State and Country filters. 

Our Enriched Metro Area filter helps you find everyone in a specific city without relying on you to know the zip codes included in the metro area. We've done the heavy lifting for you!

On Profiles

Location information is located in a few different places on EverTrue constituent profiles. If the data is imported, you can find it on the Constituent Info section of a profile. It will be listed under the Primary Contact Info area. 

Enriched location data can be found in the Enrichment tab. Look for it in the upper left corner! If we were not able to find any data on for this record, this section will be blank.

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