ThankView Integration

EverTrue and ThankView have teamed up to push your ThankView video messages and statuses directly into EverTrue! When your ThankView account is synced with EverTrue, you will see ThankView data in the Interaction section of EverTrue. You can also utilize our interaction filters to find ThankView related content.

To Set up the ThankView Integration

Reach out to your customer success manager or if you are interested in turning on the integration. We will prepare the system for the ThankView data by creating 13 new interaction custom fields. ThankView utilizes the interaction file format to display ThankView information. ThankView will send files to EverTrue daily.

Need to Knows

Interaction File Imports: One requirement of the ThankView integration is that you upload only incremental (delta) interaction imports. If you have already imported incremental files, then you are fine to proceed. If you upload Full files, you to adjust your imports to be standard incremental files. You may continue to import all interactions from your system, but the file must not be processed as a Full (which is currently indicated manually or via the file name example.interactions.full.csv). Since you will be losing the ability to delete interactions using our implicit full import option, you must explicitly mark interactions for deletion using a Yes flag in your file. This flag should be mapped to the IsDeleted? field in the mapping screen.

For Customers Writing Interactions in EverTrue: We will make sure that the new interaction custom fields related to ThankView do not show on your Interaction Writing form. However, your interaction export format will be adjusted to include these new custom fields. Your export will have 13 additional columns included, and the order of the custom fields will show alphabetically. If this will break a script that you have running, coordinate with the EverTrue team to make this transition as seamless as possible. 

ThankView Delivery: ThankView interactions will be delivered daily via SFTP. You will have access to these delivery files in Console. ThankView will not have access to your institution's SFTP account, and will use a separate account instead. 

Custom Field Mapping from ThankView to EverTrue

Many of the fields we receive from the ThankView files will go into existing EverTrue fields (for example, ThankView Author Name will go straight into our Author Name field). For the other information, we will create custom field locations. The list of new custom fields is below:

Campaign (string)

Campaign Type (string)

Opened (yes/no)

Opened Date (date)

Clicked (yes/no)

Started (yes/no)

Watched 50% (yes/no)

Completed (yes/no)

CTA Clicked (yes/no)

Views (number)

Downloads (number)

Shares (number)

Reply (string)