Proposal Export Format

If your organization is using EverTrue's Proposal form, you have the ability to export proposals written in the EverTrue platform. Take a look at those options and the export format below!

How to Export Proposals

  1. Open your EverTrue user menu in the upper-right corner under your name, and go to "Settings."
  2. Go to the "Export Data" tab, where you'll find the Proposal export
    1. From here, you can choose to run a manual export and select your timeframe, or if you have SFTP set up, you schedule a daily export.

File Naming Convention & Export Format

  • evertrue_export_proposals_yyyy-mm-dd.csv
  • Your Proposals will be exported as a standard CSV file. A sample file can be found here. Please note that your export format may differ based on the settings enabled for your institution.
  • Once exported, you can look at: "LastUpdatedBy", " CreatedDate", and "CreatedBy", which will show you who created or edited the proposal and when. Please note that the CreateDate is a field that can be imported, in which case it would reflect the creation date of the proposal in your database and not the date of the record creation in EverTrue.

Definitions for Commonly Asked About Fields

  • ProposalImportID: The ID of the proposal in your database. This will be blank if the proposal doesn't yet exist in your database.
  • ProposalEverTrueID: The ID EverTrue uses to recognize the proposal, it needs to be included any time an update is being imported.
  • Constituent1ImportId: The ID from your database of the constituent for whom the proposal has been written.
  • Constituent1EverTrueId: The EverTrue internal ID for the constituent. You do not need to retain this ID in your database.
  • Title: The title of the proposal.
  • Description: The proposal description.
  • Solicitor1ImportId: The ID of the solicitor from your database. The number of solicitors allowed to get credit for each proposal is set during the proposal form creation process. This value (max number of solicitors) will be reflected in the CSV export file and create a static set of columns. If no max number is set, the number of solicitor columns in your export may vary. 
  • Solicitor1EverTrueId: The EverTrue internal ID for the solicitor. You do not need to retain this ID in your database.
  • Solicitor1KeyProposal: This indicates an important proposal.
  • Solicitor1Title: The title of the solicitor.
  • Stage: The current stage of the proposal.
  • StageStartDate: The start of the current stage, when a proposal is written it is set to today's date.
  • CreatedDate: The date the proposal was created, when a proposal is written it is set to today's date.
  • CreatedBy: The ID from your database of the user who added the proposal.
  • LastUpdatedDate: The date of the last update made to a proposal.
  • LastUpdatedBy: The ID from your database of the user who last updated the proposal.
  • OriginalAskAmount: The initial planned ask for the proposal.
  • OriginalAskDate: The initial date planned for the ask on the proposal.
  • AskDate: The date the ask is/will be made.
  • ExpectedAmount: The amount expected to be funded on the proposal.
  • ExpectedAskDate: The expected funding date of the proposal.
  • FundedAmount: The amount that is/will be funded. 
  • FundedDate: The date the proposal is/will be funded. 
  • ProposalType: The type of proposal.
  • ConfidenceScore: The confidence percentage of acquiring the proposal funding.
  • Designation1Name: What the proposal will be funding.
  • Designation1Value: The percentage of the proposal that will be attributed to the listed designation.