Setting Up Launchpad for Relationship Management

Launchpad is a new landing page for our customers with Relationship Management, intended to serve actionable insights to EverTrue gift officers, as well as goal tracking at the team and individual level. For Launchpad, we have made widgets available to EverTrue users who are classified as Gift Officers or Donor Experience Officers (this setting is managed on an individual's user profile). After Launchpad is turned on, a user with one of these classifications will see Launchpad in the top section of the left-hand navigation bar. Let EverTrue know if your organization would like to enable Launchpad!

Launchpad displays widgets that track user progress towards personal goals. Descriptions of each widget can be found here. Using your interaction, proposal, and assignment data, we'll report key metrics on your gift officer activity. We will continue to add widgets to the Launchpad as we collect user feedback. Each user has the ability to customize the widgets on their personal Launchpad.  

There are two sections of Launchpad -- The Gift Officer view and the Team view. 

In the Gift Officer section, arrow 1 allows you to choose the gift officer that you'd like to view Launchpad for. Arrow 2 is where you can choose the team to view for the person you selected in the prior dropdown. 

The Team view is where you can look at performance aggregated based on your portfolio teams. This section will display all teams for your organization, regardless of a gift officer’s team membership. 

To see Launchpad as a standard User:

Users must have the Gift Officer or DXO classification in order to see Launchpad. If you want to see Launchpad, navigate to your profile in Settings and use the “Classification” dropdown to set your Gift Officer status.

For this data to populate your Launchpad view, your EverTrue user must be connected to your solicitor record using the information below. If you are seeing empty widgets where you expect to see data, please contact your administrator to check that your user is set up correctly and that your record is linked. 

All Goals

Solicitor Goals
  • # of total interactions
  • # of total proposals per solicitor
  • # of total visits per solicitor
  • # of unique visits per solicitor: counts prospects with multiple visits only once. 
  • total dollars of funded proposals per solicitor
  • total dollars of proposal asks per solicitor
Team Goals
  • visit threshold for team: number of days allowed to pass between visits
  • contact threshold for team: number of days allowed to pass between contacts 
  • # of total interactions for team
  • # of total proposals for team
  • total dollars of funded proposals for team
  • total dollars of proposal asks for team

Setting Goals (Must be EverTrue Owner)

1. First, check the status of the user match by clicking on the Portfolio section of EverTrue and finding the Solicitors section. Match all solicitors to their user. You can reach out to if you have any questions or need further assistance with this process. 

2. Set your users’ goals by clicking the three-dot menu by each solicitor's name, and selecting “Solicitor Goals”. Goals are not required but are recommended.

In the Solicitor Goals, you will need to specify goals for:

  • # of total interactions
  • # of total proposals
  • # of total visits
  • # of unique visits
  • total dollars of funded proposals
  • total dollars of proposal asks

3. After setting the Solicitor Goals, toggle over to the Teams section of the Portfolio tab. Using the Actions menu (three dots) for each team, open the Team Settings. 

4. In the Team Settings, you will enter goals for each Team's Total Interactions, Total Proposals, Proposal Funded Amounts, Proposal Ask AmountsVisit Threshold and Contact Threshold, which are the number of days allowed to pass between visits and contacts. 

Note 1: Your fiscal year has been set for your account by the EverTrue team. To confirm your fiscal year date, please reach out to

Note 2: To be sure that Launchpad widgets can populate correctly, and so interactions and proposals written in EverTrue are attributed to the correct user, check to be sure that the User Remote IDs are set up correctly in Settings > Manage Team. This ID should match their record in your system. Users who are not matched to their constituent record will be unable to view their Launchpad widgets until they have been matched to their constituent record.

Click here to learn more about widgets available for all users which allows for customization of the Launchpad configuration.