Launchpad for Relationship Management

Getting Started with Launchpad

Launchpad (Beta) is a new landing page for our customer with Relationship Management, intended to serve actionable insights to EverTrue gift officers, as well as goal tracking at the team and individual level. For the Beta, we have made widgets available to EverTrue users who are classified as Gift Officers or Donor Experience Officers. After Launchpad is turned on, if you have one of these classifications, you will see Launchpad in your left hand navigation bar at the top of the list.

If you are an ET User:

To check your classification, navigate to your profile in Settings and check the “Classification” drop down:

For the Beta, we are showing data about interactions, proposals, and assignments (this will grow over time!). For this data to populate your Launchpad view, your EverTrue user must be connected to your solicitor record. If you are seeing empty widgets where you expect to see data, please contact your administrator to check that your user is set up correctly and that they have linked your record. 

If you are an ET Owner:

1. You can check the status of the “user record” <> “solicitor record” connection in the Manage Team section of Portfolio. Check the “User Match” column to be sure that the correct user record is connected to the solicitor record. You can reach out to genius@evertrue if you have any questions or need further assistance with this process. 

2. Set your users’ goals by navigating to the individuals in Team Management, clicking the three-dot menu by their name, and choosing “solicitor goals”. Goals are not required but are recommended.

Important Note: To be sure that interactions and proposals being written in EverTrue are being attributed to the correct user, check to be sure that the User Remote IDs are set up correctly in Settings > Manage Team. This ID should match their record in your system.

Please note: In the future, we will have widgets available for all users and will allow for some customization of the Launchpad configuration.

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