Core Navigation Changes

As EverTrue has evolved, we have updated our core navigation flows by creating simplified, single-click access to all of your favorite content within the platform!

New Vertical Left Navigation

The redesign of the left-hand navigation panel makes it easier for you to explore the key features within EverTrue. The contents have been reorganized into three primary sections: 

  1. User-specific content (including Launchpad beta): Provides access to user-specific, frequently used features such as Lists and Saved Searches, and Recently Viewed.
  2. Discover: Provides access to the different types of searches EverTrue offers. Includes Constituents, Interactions, Proposals, Events, and Facebook. 
  3. Raise: Provides access to features specifically related to managing and initiating fundraising activity. Depending on your organization, you may see My Trips, Portfolios, Volunteers, Giving Pages and Giving Dashboard in this section.

User Specific Content

Saved Searches

“Segments” are now referred to as Saved Searches and they have their own dedicated page. Here, you can control the way that you receive Saved Search notifications, and reference your recently viewed Saved Searches. 


Lists now have a dedicated page for viewing and management for each individual user.

Launchpad: Currently in beta - talk to your CSM if you would like it turned on!


We've changed how you now search for Core features including  Constituents, Interactions, Proposals, Events, and Social Engagement. The links to view them have been moved to the left-hand panel for easier discovery and navigation. Within each section, you will see the option to refine your search using a set of Filters. 


  • My Trips: Helps traveling fundraisers prioritize, schedule, coordinate, and take quick meeting notes with prospects and donors while on the road. 
  • Portfolios: Gives gift officers a single place to view your assigned prospects organized by pipeline solicitation stage, layering on workflows and a map view to enhance productivity.
  • Volunteer: Group volunteers and prospects into affinity, class, or reunion-based pools and then easily create assignments.
  • Giving Pages & Giving Dashboard: Provides several different tools for receiving gifts, reporting on your giving pages, and metrics for how they are performing.
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