Windfall Wealth Data

EverTrue has teamed up with Windfall Wealth Screening to pull wealth indicators directly onto EverTrue profiles. Windfall collects information about your most affluent individuals. When Windfall Wealth Data is added to EverTrue using our integration, we will display the following data on individuals worth over $1 million dollars:

  • Household net worth
  • Physical assets
  • Wealth indicators (like board memberships)
  • Philanthropic interests (for additional information on these interests, check out this article)
  • Life events 
  • Last Noteworthy Change Date (the date of the last refresh where we found a meaningful difference in the data)
  • Net Worth Estimated Date (the date that Windfall has refreshed the net worth for this individual)

When information has been gathered on an individual, you can find it listed on the Enrichment tab on a record. Windfall data is refreshed each month.


With the Windfall partnership comes new filters for segmenting using Windfall data. All Windfall filters can be found under the Wealth Enrichment section of the filter list. Add these to your favorite Saved Searches! You can even add four of the Wealth Enrichment filters to your table view by customizing your columns. Please note that the Wealth Enrichment Last Update Date filter pulls from the "Last Noteworthy Change" date on an enriched record. 


Windfall wealth data is available for export! Windfall files can be downloaded directly from the EverTrue platform, by going to the Export Data section of your Settings menu - look for the "Wealth Enrichment" file and click the download button! You can view an example export of this file here.

Please Note - only those with the "Account Owner" role will have access to the Export Data section under settings. If you are an account user and require this information, please reach out to your Account Owner.

Excluding Records from Wealth Screening

Do you have staff records or other sensitive folks that should not display wealth screening data? You may import an opt-out flag via your Constituent file to keep the records restricted. Add a field to your constituent file called  Wealth Enrichment Exclude with a Y value for records who should be opted out. 

For non-Windfall clients

If you do not have access to Windfall wealth data, you will see the following notice. If you are interested in getting Windfall data, reach out to or your Customer Success Manager!