Giving Patterns: LYBUNTS, SYBUNTS, Current Donors and Never Gave

EverTrue makes it easy to see who your lapsed donors are. Our Giving Pattern field puts a tag on each record based on their donation history so you don't have to figure it out yourself!

Each record is tagged with one of the following giving patterns:

LYBUNT - this donor gave last year but not this year

SYBUNT - this donor gave a few years ago but not last year or this year

Gave This Year - this donor gave during the current fiscal year

Never Gave - this person has never made a gift

You can find the Giving Pattern on the Summary section of a constituent record, under the Last Gift.  

Filtering with Giving Pattern

Giving Pattern is a filterable field, so add it to your favorite lists and saves searches! Open the filter menu from the Browse tab and find the Giving Pattern filter. Choose your pattern and apply the filter.

How Giving Pattern is Calculated

EverTrue relies on the accuracy of your imported data to determine a constituent's giving pattern. We use the Last Gift Date field in tandem with your fiscal year cycle to determine what type of status the record should receive:

  • “Gave This Year” occurs when last gift date is greater than the fiscal year start date.
  • “LYBUNT” occurs when last gift date is within one previous year from the fiscal year start date.
  • “SYBUNT” occurs when there is a last gift date that occurs prior to one previous year from the fiscal year start date.
  • “Never Gave” occurs when there is no last gift date.

If you suspect that something is incorrect with your giving pattern data, reach out to!

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