Converting Portfolios to RM Assignment File

The Portfolio feature offers portfolio visualization as well as robust reporting for your gift officers as they work throughout the prospect pipeline. If your institution is moving over to the new data model for Portfolios (from My Portfolio to Portfolios) or adding Portfolios into EverTrue for the first time, there a few steps you will need to take to make this transition successful. 

Questions to Answer Internally:

We suggest having an all-hands internal meeting to establish your Portfolios workflow and set guidelines that will be used by your entire institution before you proceed. Here are a few items to help get that conversation started.

  1. How do you expect your gift officers to manage their own portfolios? There are several features that we will turn on by default for you during the implementation process (see below). 
    1. Portfolio Stage Changes: Allows gift officers to make their own stage changes in Portfolios (which is what we refer to as Moves Management)
    2. Portfolio Viewing: Allows gift officers to view portfolios from other members on their team.
    3. Add/Drop Assignments: Allows gift officers to add/drop their own assignments.
    4. Gift Notifications from Prospects: Enables gift notifications, which will alert any gift officer when a gift has been received in their portfolio. We can edit the notification threshold to be whichever amount you choose, but we will default it to anything over $1.

The answers to these questions will inform the choices you make for your team's portfolio. If you want any of the above turned off, let your Implementation Specialist know if you are still in implementation, or reach out to our Support Team if not.

Implementation Steps:

1. You will need to remove the Solicitors info (see pages 21-22 in the Constituent File Guide) from your Constituent file. This is because we are moving this information onto the new Relationship Management file (see next step for more details).

  • The solicitor information you will need to remove includes the following fields: Solicitor Name, Solicitor ID, Solicitor Stage, Solicitor Type

2. Start drafting a new Relationship Management Assignments data file as an additional CSV file to be delivered. This new model flattens the solicitor data by assignment rather than a data point on the constituent level and allows for a more round-trip process of data moving forward. 

3. When the file is done, we suggest emailing your Implementation Specialist to review the file before you import for the first time. If you are not in implementation, you should email,  who can give you further directions based on how your institution is currently importing data (manually or SFTP), and un-gate all of the necessary features for you before you start importing.

4. You will also want to make sure that you are importing all of your staff members that will be managing assignments in your constituent file, so you can match their records to IDs in EverTrue.

5.  Ask your Implementation Specialist (or email if you are not in implementation) to set up the team names and stages you would like to use. Please note: you can use different stage sets for each team.

6. If you are looking to export your new Relationship Management file back into your database once you have started importing, you can either do it manually or create a custom export schedule. To do this, click on your name in the top right corner of the EverTrue app screen > then 'Settings' > then 'Export Data'. This export will include stage changes, assignment additions. assignment deletions, and any updates to the stage start date.  Here's an article that talks about all of the new Portfolios features once you've made the switch!

Note: Portfolios must be enabled by the administrator of your EverTrue account. Contact your account admin if you have any questions about this feature.

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