Relationship Management: Portfolios Overview

The Portfolios feature offers  portfolio visualization as well as robust reporting for your gift officers as they work throughout the prospect pipeline within the Relationship Management module. Learn how to implement this product here


Portfolios gives gift officers a single place to view their assigned prospects organized by pipeline solicitation stage, layering on workflows and a  map view to enhance productivity. A gift officer can now manage their assigned prospects directly in EverTrue so that the process of updating stages, adding contact reports, and managing portfolio assignments (even key prospects) is all logged for your institution. EverTrue also tracks time in stage and last contact date for each prospect, so a gift officer and their manager know exactly how the pipeline is progressing. And don't forget about our mobile apps that allow all of this to be done on the road - even dictating contact reports! Lastly, we make all of this exportable so that your database can stay just as up-to-date. 

Choosing Teams

Portfolios is built on a Team structure.* To drill down into your portfolio, you should first select the Team you are a part of or working within. 

*The structure of your teams is dependent on how your institution implemented Portfolios. Please contact us for more information on implementation options and details. 

To choose your team within the Portfolios tab, open the drop-down menu in the top-left of the screen and select the appropriate team. 

You can then find your name or that of your colleague in the Solicitors drop-down menu to the right of the Team menu. This list will only display a certain number of solicitors at one time, so for best results, use the search bar to find the solicitor's name. This will take you to your assigned prospects organized into swim-lanes by prospect stage for that team.

Moves Management

Updating the solicitation stages for your prospects has never been easier with  drag and drop! Drag an assignment card from one stage to the next - that's it! (You can also update a stage by clicking the three dots in the top right corner of each card and selecting 'Update Prospect Stage.')

Adding an Interaction

Once a stage change has been initiated, you will be prompted to add an interaction that corresponds with the update. Adding an interaction during a stage move helps provide additional context and keeps your institution updated on the great work you're doing. This is an optional step (but highly recommended), and so if you do not wish to add an interaction you can click 'Skip.'

Map View

In your portfolio, you have the option to toggle over to a Map View of your assigned prospects. This makes it easier to see geographic clusters and think about where your next event or trip should be.

Filtering & Sorting Assignment Titles

Each assignment card will display the associated assignment  title

You may also filter your portfolio view by assignment title, in the instance that you only want to see your Primary assignments or your Secondary assignments. 

You can also customize the sort order of your assignment titles to dictate how they will appear on your constituent's profiles. In this example, it has been configured that Primary Solicitor will appear before the constituent's Secondary Solicitor, but you can easily switch up the order depending on the needs of your team. 

To customize the order of your imported assignment titles, reach out to, or your Implementation Specialist if you are still in implementation.

Time in Stage and Last Contact Date

When you drag and drop a solicitor from one stage to the next, the system will automatically reset the Time in Stage to the day you made the update. Tracking 'Time in Stage' allows you to see the progress of your pipeline at the constituent level or at the stage level. 

You can also manually adjust the time each prospect has been in a particular stage by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner of the stage box, and then ' Update Time in Stage.'Note: By excluding this column, EverTrue will use the date of first import as the start date. By importing a blank column, EverTrue will display time-in-stage with no value.

The Last Contact Date field on each prospect card is pulling directly from interactions logged on this constituent by the assigned solicitor. If there are no interactions logged, this field will contain a dash indicating there has been no contact. Otherwise, any interaction where this assigned solicitor is marked as the solicitor on the interaction will be included in the calculation. EverTrue comments are excluded. 

Adding Prospects to your Portfolio (if enabled)

If enabled for your institution, you can add prospects directly to your portfolio by clicking on the people icon next to the filter button. This will allow you to search and add prospects to the appropriate stage, all within the same screen.

Changing Assignments from a Constituent Record (please note, this is only available for Account Owners)

You can make stage changes and add or remove assignments directly from a constituent record instead of starting in a user portfolio. 

Start on the constituent you would like to make edits to. Then, go to the Constituent Info section of their profile. On the right side of the "Donor Info" area, click the pencil icon. 

Then, you will have the ability to edit assignments, stages, and titles in a pop-up window!

Adding and Removing Solicitors to and from Your Teams

In addition to importing new solicitors or removing old ones directly from the Relationship Management Assignment file import, you can add and remove solicitors to and from a team directly from the Portfolios tab in the EverTrue platform.

Adding Solicitors

You will need to click on the ' Portfolios' tab in the left-hand nav screen, then click the 'Solicitors' tab on the top of the screen, then the green 'New Solicitor' button in the right-hand side of the page. You will be asked to choose the new solicitor from the list of your constituent records, as well as a team for the solicitor. Please note: only users with the Account Owner role will be able to add or remove solicitors from the account.

Removing Solicitors

You will need to click on the ' Portfolios' tab in the left-hand nav screen, then click the 'Solicitors' tab on the top of the screen. Once there, identify the solicitor you want to remove from the team and click on the three dots to the right of their name under the 'Actions' column. Next, click 'Remove', and the system will prompt you to select which team you would like to remove the solicitor from. Select the team, and then click the green 'Remove' button in the pop-up window. Note: If the solicitor is on multiple teams you will have to repeat the previous steps. 

Portfolios must be enabled by the administrator of your EverTrue account. A bit of setup is required on their end for you to see all of your prospects in their respective stages, and they will need to link your user info with your contact ID. Only portfolios of gift officers using EverTrue will appear. Contact your account admin if you have any questions about this feature.