My Portfolio

Check out our latest version of portfolio management, Portfolio and Performance! If you haven't already, contact us about upgrading your account to the newest version and gain access to some great new features. 

My Portfolio was built with the gift officer in mind. It provides a visual representation of prospects by stage and geographic location for both the web and  mobile versions of EverTrue.

As a gift officer, My Portfolio will have been enabled by the administrator of your EverTrue account. A bit of setup is required on their end for you to see all of your prospects in their respective stages. Only portfolios of gift officers using EverTrue will appear. Contact that account admin if you have any questions about your portfolio.


Each gift officer will have the ability to view their assigned prospects by their Prospect Stage as defined by the institution. All assignments and stages are set by your institution via an import of data.*

*If questions arise about the prospects or their stages in your portfolio, contact your EverTrue data administrator. If your institution has chosen to allow assignment and moves management within EverTrue, status changes can be made directly in EverTrue. More on that coming soon!

From within their portfolio, the user can sort their prospects, view their portfolio on a map, or select individual constituents and view their full profile or add them to a list or trip.

More on each functionality below!


Within their portfolio, a user can sort their prospects by Lifetime Giving (default sort in ascending order), Last Name, Last Gift Date, Last Contact Date, and Time-In-Stage. Sorting can be in descending or ascending order.

Use Case: When viewing their portfolio to see which prospects have gone the longest without contact, a gift officer might want to be able to sort on last contact date so they can see all of the prospects in each stage and make note of who should get priority in their outreach.


Additionally, the user can toggle to the Map view where they can see their prospects distributed on a map by Primary Address location with the option to filter by other address types. To do so, click the filter icon next to the location search bar in the upper right of the map.


Use Case: When looking for places to take your next trip, view your portfolio by location and find the most efficient place to maximize your time with prospects in your current portfolio.

Adding to List or Trip

Select any individual constituents in a portfolio using the checkbox next to their picture. From there you can choose to add them to...

  • Existing Lists
  • Shared Lists
  • New Lists
  • Upcoming Trips
  • New Trips

Viewing and Searching

Viewing Another User’s Portfolio

With the My Portfolio feature, you'll not only be able to view your portfolio but also the portfolios of other EverTrue Users in your institution. 

For example, let's say you want to review the portfolio of a gift officer you manage. You can quickly pull up their portfolio to review it with them during a meeting using the following steps:

  1. Go to My Portfolio in EverTrue
  2. Click on your name in the upper left corner.
  3. A drop-down menu will appear where you can select any user who has an associated portfolio in EverTrue.  

Core Search

If you're doing some general filtering and browsing in EverTrue and want to narrow down your results based on your portfolio and stages, there are two filters that you might want to check out: 

  1. Assigned To
  2. Prospect Status

Want a quick fix? In My Portfolio, click on the title of any Prospect Stage and you will be directed to a base search where the solicitor is set to you and the stage is the one you clicked!

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